Each year, the TechOlympics Showcase is a central part of our technology competition and event. Schools work on their Showcase projects with their coach during the November to February timeframe, then present their projects as a team in front of our panel of executive judges from all over Cincinnati’s business community. The Showcase projects are the single largest point-generating activity at TechOlympics.

Create a project in one of these categories to earn points for your school in the 2017 TechOlympics Showcase. Use these as inspiration, but the sky is the limit for what you can do. You will present this project to a panel of expert judges at TechOlympics 2017, February 24-26. Amplify!

Category 1: Innovative Programming
• Create a functional web application that accomplishes something cool or solves a problem
• Develop a mobile app for any platform that is useful for people in some organization or community
• Code a video game – and you better do something cooler than “Tic-tac-toe!”

Category 2: Digital Design
• Make a webpage for your school, a local business, or other organization.
• Create a marketing campaign or “brand” for a local business or cause, including a logo, posters, etc.
• Produce a video that tells a story, promotes a product or business, or conveys information. Can be real footage, animated, or both… use your imagination!

Category 3: Event Theme – Amplify
• Attempt a project that uses technology as an innovative solution to a problem
• Use technology to “boost” a process or optimize a business

Category 4: STEM Miscellaneous
• “STEM” stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. As long as your project idea is related to one of these topic areas, we want it at TechOlympics! Crazy experiments and innovations, robotics, algorithms, and inventions are all welcome – and then some.
• Try your hand at creating a business plan for the next “big thing” related to technology! Design a hypothetical product, app, or service; research what it would take to make it a possibility; and present it.

Submit your showcase application by February 13th (we encourage you to submit as soon as possible) to ensure a spot in the conference schedule! If you have any questions, email

Each school can submit an unlimited number of projects, so long as 5 representatives from the school will attend the conference to present each project.
Projects should be substantial. If a high level of effort is apparent when your project is being judged, your school will earn more points. Think outside the box, cover all your bases, and use a team to divide a huge project into small pieces so your school can succeed. The winning project of the TechOlympics showcase will have the opportunity to present their project on the main stage in front of over 500 of their peers!

Showcase Rubric

Showcase projects will be scored out of 100 points according to the following rubric:

Creativity and Originality 25 pts. High: Surprisingly innovative. Clearly not a copy of anything that already exists.
Low: Not very original at all, an overused idea. Cliché, unimaginative.
Presentation 25 pts. High: All students showed terrific and professional stage presence, and present very well. Visuals and graphics look very professional.
Low: Poor public speaking skills shown. Visuals not effective in communicating the idea.
Real-World Impact 25 pts. High: Project provides a powerful, innovative solution to a real-world problem that could have impact on many people, if implemented widely.
Low: Project is shallow, in that, it may be interesting, but does not address a real-world issue.
Technical Difficulty 25 pts. High: Project involves complex subject matter and uses sophisticated technology creatively to address the problems.
Low: Project addresses a relatively superficial problem and does not represent a technical challenge of substance.