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Welcome to TechOlympics 2019!

Whether your child is attending TechOlympics for the first time or the fourth, we are glad to have them. At TechOlympics, students will gain experience not only with many exciting forms of technology, but also with vital job skills such as interviewing and resume writing. Professionals from many industries and organizations across Cincinnati will guide your student through technology challenges from programming competitions to design workshops.

Student Agency

In addition to providing your student with many opportunities to learn about technology careers, we also focus on helping them practice their agency skills (independence, perseverance, and grit). TechOlympics participation and managing registration is the responsibility of the student, not the parent. Please encourage your student to email us themselves with any questions or problems they may encounter during registration.

While we welcome parental participation in the event as an official volunteer through your business (see our Sponsors page for a listing of participating businesses), parents may not attend TechOlympics as a companion to their student. (If you have a student with special medical needs that requires your direct assistance, please contact us and we will help arrange accommodations for you.) For parents attending as a business volunteer, school representative, speaker, or other official capacity, you may arrange your own hotel accommodations while your student rooms with other students from their school.

Safety and Supervision

TechOlympics is an official school-sponsored event, and your child will be chaperoned by faculty or staff members from their school that are directly responsible for their safety and well-being. The TechOlympics conference itself is managed by 3 executive staff, 9 management staff, and over 300 adult volunteers. All activities and social time are adult supervised, and both security and emergency personnel are available on site 24/7. Additionally, many of the adult TechOlympics conference staff are CPR and First Aid certified.

Hotel room accommodations are separated by gender into the North and South towers of the hotel. All school staff chaperones will manage the whereabouts and activities of their students during the event, help with any issues, and will conduct room checks each night before lights out. School staff will contact parents immediately should any issues arise.