Frequently Asked Questions

Will TechOlympics 2021 be in person?2020-11-19T15:22:52-05:00

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, TechOlympics 2021 will be held virtually to ensure the safety of our attendees.

When is TechOlympics 2021?2020-12-12T15:16:51-05:00

February 2nd – 28th.

How long is TechOlympics?2020-11-19T15:24:10-05:00

TechOlympics 2021: Illuminate will be held from February 2nd – 28th. Each week will feature a different theme: Software Development, Cyber, Art-Tech, and Data/AI/ML. The event will be hosted during the evening and weekends to ensure that students can attend school and other activities with minimal impact. Professional Development and Intern Prep sessions will occur throughout the event.

Who can attend TechOlympics?2020-11-19T15:24:57-05:00

TechOlympics is a technology conference designed by high school students for high school students, therefore the conference is targeted and limited to students in the 9th – 12th grades.  Special exceptions may be made for younger students, with the approval of the INTERalliance Executive Director. 

I am the only student from my school who wants to attend TechOlympics. Can I come?2020-11-19T15:25:35-05:00

Yes! If you are the only student from your school, or if you are homeschooled, you may still participate in TechOlympics. Select your school from the dropdown if it’s available when you’re signing up. If not, select “Not Listed” and contact [email protected] Contact us if you have any further questions about your attendance.

How much does it cost for a student to attend TechOlympics 2021?2020-11-19T15:27:15-05:00

The early registration fee is $35 for the students who register before December 15th. Students registered after that date will be charged $40. If the fee presents a barrier to your attendance, please visit this link for need-based scholarship information. Each student will get a kit to help them enjoy TechOlympics to the fullest, this will include SWAG and event materials. The full cost of the event, per student, is near $200, however, due to support from our generous corporate sponsors, we can keep the cost to the students low.

How much does it cost for a Teacher to attend TechOlympics 2021?2020-11-19T15:27:52-05:00

Nothing. We want our dedicated teachers to enjoy Teacher Connect for free. Thank you for your hard work always, but during 2020 – 2021 especially. You DO need to register, however, so don’t forget to sign up.

When is the Registration Deadline?2020-11-19T15:28:47-05:00

Early registration ends on December 15th and the final registration deadline is January 15th.

How do I apply for Financial Aid?2020-11-19T15:29:27-05:00

We are pleased to offer a limited number of need-based scholarships towards the $35 TechOlympics registration fee. Please fill out the Scholarship Applications on the Information Page (Scholarship Application). We will notify you of the results of your request within 2-3 business days.

What is the TechOlympics refund policy?2020-11-19T15:29:59-05:00

We will not grant refunds to any “no-show” students who paid in full for TechOlympics. Refunds are not available if you miss TechOlympics due to other school obligations, scheduling mistakes, or personal or family-related events. You may only petition the TechOlympics Steering Committee for a refund if you must miss TechOlympics due to an unforeseeable family or medical emergency.

How do I register for TechOlympics 2021?2021-01-17T10:52:59-05:00
  • You will need an INTERalliance account to register.
  • From the TechOlympics.org website, click on the Register Here button and follow the directions to create your new account.  
  • After you’ve created or logged into your account, you must go to the top menu item that says Programs => TechOlympics => Illuminate 2021 => Illuminate 2021 Student Registration. This is where you’ll register for TechOlympics 2021. Or, just click this link: https://interalliance.org/product/techolympics-student-registration-2/ 
  • Once you’ve filled out the required forms, apply any coupon codes you have, and pay the $35 fee. If this fee is a financial barrier, please visit this link. Note: We accept most credit cards.
  • Check out and complete any remaining information. There will be an email confirmation about the order. You can also check the order in the Menu => Account => Dashboard => Orders. 
  • Finally, join our Slack to get real-time INTERalliance updates!

If you need any further information, please refer to this document:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Uxzy9Lpl1w7fbdP8Xj70KEDiiIzrR3s_fzG8rKOMRiQ/edit?usp=sharing

The system was supposed to email me, but I didn’t receive anything? Where’s the email?2020-11-19T15:31:35-05:00

Emails sometimes take 5-10 minutes to process. If you haven’t received an email after this time, first check your email’s spam folder to ensure our email didn’t get mistakenly sorted out by the filter.

Occasionally, email addresses provided by a school, company, ISP, or obscure email provider will not go through as well. If you encounter this problem, we suggest you use a Gmail account for your TechOlympics emails. However, if you’re experiencing chronic problems, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

What technology will I need for TechOlympics 2021?2020-11-19T15:32:14-05:00

Because the event will be virtual, a reliable internet connection and laptop will be required. If this limits your ability to attend, please email [email protected]. To access the event, you will use Whova, and all other technology (software) requirements will be communicated before the event.

Is there a fee to use Whova?2020-11-19T15:33:05-05:00


What sessions will help me navigate and excel within the Intern Program?2020-11-19T15:33:44-05:00

We know that many of you are coming to TechOlympics to prepare for college or the summer internship program and we have created several sessions to help you with that goal. To identify these sessions, look through the agenda for sessions labeled “Intern Prep” or “Professional Development.” Also, visit our Sponsors at their Booths and Exhibits and during the Career Fair. This will help you immensely!

Which sessions are mandatory at TechOlympics?2020-11-19T15:34:19-05:00

Because TechOlympics 2021 is virtual, it’s hard for us to say any of them are mandatory but we have some strong recommendations:

  1. Attend all keynotes, week previews, and the Awards Ceremony to understand what’s coming and to see if you won.
  2. Attend at least one of the IT&U and Mock Interview Sessions to benefit from the intense networking opportunity.  
  3. If you are interested in being a summer intern, look through the agenda for sessions labeled “Intern Prep.” These were created specifically to give you an edge for the program.  

Otherwise, it is completely up to you which competitions, breakouts, and workshops you wish to participate.

How many competitions do you recommend I sign up for?2020-11-19T15:35:06-05:00

We suggest that every TechOlympics registrant sign up for at least 1 competition. They are your opportunity to represent your school, put your knowledge/skills to the test, and have a lot of fun. Make sure you save time to attend the breakouts you’re most interested in, network with professionals in the Sponsorship Booths and meet new students in other activities. We plan to provide all materials for the competitions in advance and there will be a limit on attendees, due to these rules, we ask that you not sign up for competitions that you cannot make.

Do I need to register in advance for Event Sessions?2020-11-19T15:36:06-05:00

You do not need to register in advance for Keynote Sessions or Previews, but all other sessions will require pre-registration. This helps us with the logistics of the event as well as procurement as needed. Registration will occur within Whova.  

How can my school participate in showcase competitions?2020-11-19T15:36:47-05:00

Full details about participation in the Showcase Competition are available on the Showcase page. Contact our Chapter Relations team with any questions that you have at [email protected].  

I need to arrive at the conference late, leave early, or temporarily leave for part of it. Is that allowed?2020-11-19T15:37:31-05:00

Come and go as you need to, but we highly recommend that you engage in as many sessions as you can. We may be offering some alluring prizes for those who have the most attendance and best engagement!

I am a parent. How will the event be supervised?2020-11-19T15:38:27-05:00

We have a zero-tolerance policy toward inappropriate online behavior. Every student must fill out a registration agreement (see below) and if the agreement is violated, they will be removed from the conference and their parents will be contacted.  

By clicking on this checkmark, you agree to abstain from inappropriate behavior, which includes but is not limited to: offensive, profane or insulting comments, hate language, slurs, jokes, name-calling, gestures, innuendoes, uploading or submitting inappropriate pictures or tweets, taunting, or threats. If you violate this agreement, the INTERalliance of Greater Cincinnati has the right to remove you from the tournament, and, in severe cases, impose a ban on your participation without prior notification. 

INTERalliance Staff will be monitoring all chats, photos, and Q&A sessions and we will have INTERalliance Staff available for any students who may have concerns or issues.

Can my parents come to observe the conference?2020-11-19T15:39:22-05:00

Students are welcome to attend the Awards Ceremony held on February 28th from 3 pm – 5 pm. The Executive Director will also hold sessions specifically for the parents throughout the week. These will include “Parent Info Webinars” and “Intern Program Q&A” sessions. We will reach out to parents to register for these events so we can prepare the technology appropriately.