Academic Quiz 

First Place: Moya Ly / Cincinnati Country Day

Second Place: Samantha Eng / Seven Hills

Third Place: Joe Mislansky / Lakota East

Fourth Place: Evan Schimberg / Seven Hills

Fifth Place: Joe York / Little Miami

Startup Creation 

First Place: Team 9: Kelly Spraul / Mother of Mercy, Caroline Karbowski / Summit Country Day, Will Beyreis / Cincinnati Country Day

Second Place: Team 6: Jordan Butterman, Chaf Swan, Fiona Xie, Annie Wang

Third Place: Team 12: Javier Bahns, Alex Evert, Aaron Redman, Nicholas Ott


QR Scavenger Hunt

First Place: Ursuline

Second Place: Lakota East

Third Place: Lakota East

Fourth Place: Cincinnati country day

Fifth Place: Badin

Web Design

First Place: Chris Vanderloo / Milford

Second Place: Adam Le / St. X

Third Place: Dominic Anthony / Badin

Fourth Place: Chris Brown / Lakota East High School

Fifth Place: Samantha Sander / Badin

Hacker Heaven

First Place: Ben Gothard / Walnut Hills

Second Place: Nicholas Reichert / St. X

Third Place: Brian Blair / Walnut hills

Fourth Place: Marcel Goodwin / Mason

Fifth Place: Zeyu Yang / Walnut Hills

Microsoft IOT

First Place: Wesley Reed / Lakota East

Second Place: Vikram Deepak / Mason

Third Place: Kevin Higgins / Mason

Fourth Place: Michael Van Leuren / 145

Fifth Place: Kyla Boback / Badin


First Place: Miles Dewitt / Walnut Hills

Second Place: Adam Le / St. X

Third Place: Robby Hoover / N/A

Fourth Place: Robert Anderson / N/A

Fifth Place: Joe York / N/A

Speed Texting

First Place: Joe Mislansky / Lakota East

Second Place: Mollie Black / Lakota East

Third Place: Emmie Morgan / CCDS

Fourth Place: Mitchell Ferguson / Lakota East

Fifth Place: Jake Apking / Lakota East

Mystery Code

First Place: Kenny Wang / Cincinnati Country Day

Second Place: Travis Fletcher / Loveland

Third Place: Alan Guo / William Mason

Fourth Place: Sam Hogan / Cooper

Fifth Place: Radu Vasilescu / Loveland

Wiki Races

First Place: Ethan Fine / Lakota East

Second Place: Joe Diezenhuz / Seven Hills

Third Place: Annie Wang / Mason

Fourth Place: Joe Mislansky / Lakota East

Fifth Place: Sarah Zhang / Seven Hills

Speed Keyboarding

First Place: Andrew Jivoin / Lakota East

Second Place: Ubi Ruckel / Hughes STEM High School

Third Place: Kevin Yu / Cincinnati Country Day School

Fourth Place: Bobb Knauft / Lakota East

Fifth Place: Linda Wang / William Mason High School


First Place: Julia Sanders / Lakota East High School

Second Place: Julia Sanders / Lakota East High School

Third Place: Moss Nash / Loveland High School

Fourth Place: Shalena Spiegel / Carpe Diem Aiken High School

Fifth Place: Sarah Aftab / Lakota East

Kerbal Space Race

First Place: Mitchell Ferguson / Lakota East High School

Second Place: Bailey Ralston / William Mason High School

Third Place: Jake Lusnak / Lakota East High School

Fourth Place: Kent Cooper / William Mason High School

Fifth Place: Zach Oldham / William Mason High School

NXT Robotics

First Place: Andrew Motz / Turpin

Second Place: Javier Bahns / Lakota West

Third Place: Nick Kiefer / Lakota East

Fourth Place: Vikram Deepak / Mason

Fifth Place: Micheal Procuk / Little Miami

3D Modeling

First Place: Jon Zimmerman / Lakota East

Second Place: Pavan Attyam / Mason

Third Place: Adam Lemming / Springboro

Fourth Place: Nathan Spinosa / Lakota West

Fifth Place: Robby Lintz / Mason

Xtreme Design

First Place: Aaron Wade / Lakota East

Second Place: Nicolas Ortiz / Mason

Third Place: Ubi Ruckel / Huges Stem

Mockup Design

First Place: Alexader Schearer / Mason

Second Place: Julia Lucus / St. Ursula Academy

Third Place: St. Ursula Team: Katie Schulte and Maggie Mullany



First Place: Safety Hounds / Lakota East:

Second Place: See3D- 3D printing models for the blind / Summit Country Day

Third Place: 3 WAY TIE – Bit Wizard / Seven Hills, Keep Fresh / Mason HS, Super-Tesla / Mariemont HS


Best Professionalism 


School Name: Loveland

Best in Design


School Name: Lakota East

Best TO Spirit


School Name: Seton High School

Best in Tech


School Name: Walnut Hills High School