About Competitions

Competitions are a fun and engaging way to learn about various technologies while being challenged and competing with your peers. With over 20 competitions at TechOlympics 2021 ranging from design to programming to trivia, there’s a competition for everybody.

We recommend not signing up for more than 3 or 4 competitions, since there will be a lot more to do at TechOlympics! Please be careful to check the times at which competitions are held before signing up because some competitions occur at the same time.

Signing up for Competitions

Below, you’ll find our competitions for TechOlympics 2021. In order to sign up for competitions, register at this site.  Whova is the site that all of TechOlympics will take place on, so sign up now! Please use the same name/email that you used for TechOlympics registration.

In addition, please note that various competitions are intended only for students with a certain skill level in their area, such as Code Golf, which is intended for advanced programmers. Required skill level is indicated in each description.

TechOlympics 2021 Competitions

Join Whova to sign up for competitions:

If you have any questions regarding the Competitions listed below, please contact our Competitions Manager at [email protected]