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Breakout sessions are presentations given by IT field experts on fascinating topics. You don’t have to register in advance for breakouts, just show up!

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3D Printing: Aiding the Blind Discover how objects such as snowflakes, castles, and butterflies have become more than just words, when explored as a 3D print. See how a passion for braille led to the creation of the program, See3D that connects people who are blind with those who enjoy 3D printing. Popular requested models including maps, animals, movie characters, and science diagrams with braille labels, will be on display. Hear a first hand account describing how 3D models have opened the world for one local high school student. Explore how you can become involved with See3D, and learn the day-to-day operations of printing 3D models to bring a new understanding of the world through touch. Caroline Karbowski Summit Country Day School Caroline Karbowski is a Senior at Summit Country Day who has been attending TechOlympics since her freshman year in high school. After learning braille to be able to read books in the car without becoming dizzy, Caroline became inspired to connect with people who are blind through braille and 3D printing. Last year, she led her school’s Showcase project: See3D – 3D Printing for the Blind. Recently the See3D team participated in the 2017 Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire, and looks forward to attending MakerX in Columbus, and the How to Make Fest in Kenton County. Outside of TechOlympics, Caroline enjoys golf, American Sign Language, piano, singing, and theatre. Friday – 9-10pm Duke Room 2
12K in 4 Days: How to Pull Off Big Events There’s a lot that goes into planning big events — fundraising, marketing, connections, execution — that can make it daunting to even think about, especially when in competition with more established events. In this breakout, all components of pulling these off with little to no experience will be broken down with unique, first-hand input and insight. After attending the session, participants will be able to form better event planning teams, communicate more effectively and maintain relationships with companies, teachers, and students, and organize and prioritize tasks to maximize efficiency. Megan Cui William Mason High School Megan Cui is a junior at Mason High School and the executive director/co-founder of Mason Hack Club, the first of chapter of the international Hack Club organization in the region. As a part of her mission to foster technology literacy and interest in the local community, she was a lead organizer of Hack Camp (raised $12K for Mason Hack Club) and co-directed CincyHacks (raised $8K in corporate and in-house sponsorship), Cincinnati’s first 24-hour high school hackathon. She has also attended RevolutionUC, placing third in 2017, and volunteers in free Mason Hack Club outreach programs aimed to expose younger, underprivileged students to STEM opportunities. In her free time, she plays volleyball and flute, and enjoys speaking out on her Medium blog. Friday – 9-10pm Duke Room
Network Security Technology certainly is amazing. Between online learning, playing video games with users across the world, and home surveillance, we continue to find new ways to interconnect all kinds of devices to make life easier. All this capability certainly is awesome – but it does come with hidden costs (security and privacy) that can go unnoticed. Under the covers, lives the world of computer networking – a series of virtual roads and bridges that enable all this to happen. In this presentation, we will provide a primer to computer networking and security before delving deeper into some of the ways network technology is abused and what information security professionals are doing to minimize its negative impact. Come gain a better understanding of how to view technology from a security perspective, why that is important, and how you might turn this into a career path. Mike Shuetter Encore Technology After earning his bachelor’s degree from the University of Toledo in Computer Engineering, Mike Schuetter immersed himself in computer networking and security throughout his career. After building several security operations teams for other companies throughout the years, Mike took all those “lessons learned” and is now the Vice President of Information Security for Encore Technologies where he gets to build his own Information Security Program. Knowing that the world is starving for more skilled information security resources, Mike continues to work in the community at large with peers, educators and students alike, to do his small part in bridging the gap. Friday – 8-9 pm Duke Room 2
Start Ups “Most startups are focused on delivering a quality product in the shortest amount of time. While a web and social media presence is critical to getting the message out, there is also a need for mission critical systems like email, finance, pc’s and phones required to make the endeavor successful. Most startups aren’t focused on the luxury of having a full staff to run these systems, and it often comes down to a small number of “generalists” that serve in the IT role part time, while performing a revenue generating role at the same time. We’ll discuss what a role like this looks like and what you need to do to be prepared to take on an IT role in a Startup environment.” Kurtis Lindemann Round Tower Kurtis Lindemann is the CIO and a Founding Partner at RoundTower Technologies, one of Cincinnati’s Fastest Growing Private Companies. He has over 25 years of IT experience. His first job in IT was at The Ohio State University as a Systems Administrator where he helped build the infrastructure for the Max M. Fisher College of Business. He worked with manufacturers in the areas of networking, storage, data protection and virtualization (3Com, NetApp, EMC). Finally, he helped start RoundTower Technologies focused on delivering technical value in the data center, cloud, security and ITSM spaces which has grown to over 350 employees and $350 million in revenue in nearly 11 years. Saturday – 10-11am Duke Room
Testing Orion: NASA’s Next Giant Leap Into Space Orion is NASA’s new spacecraft, built to take humans farther into space than they’ve ever gone before. It will carry the crew to space, provide emergency abort capability, sustain the crew, and provide a safe return to Earth. Having completed its first successful flight test in December 2014, Orion’s next milestone will be a flight to the Moon, with eyes set on the future exploration of Mars. NASA is using new technology and lessons learned from earlier missions to build the new spacecraft. Several critical tests on Orion are being performed right here in Ohio by NASA Glenn engineers at Plum Brook Station in Sandusky, Ohio. The Space Power Facility includes the world’s most powerful mechanical vibration test facility and acoustic chamber, as well as the world’s largest thermal vacuum chamber to simulate the harsh environments of launch, ascent, and on orbit. Ms. Smith will discuss the challenges to testing on this level and scale as well as the capabilities of this spacecraft and planned missions. Nicole Smith NASA Ms. Nicole Smith is the Senior Project Manager for the Orion testing at NASA’s Plum Brook Station. Prior to that, she was the Aerospace and Manufacturing Legislative Fellow for Senator Sherrod Brown (OH). She has worked in various lead positions within both the Orion Program and the International Space Station Program. Nicole started her career with NASA in 2000, training astronauts and flight controllers about the electrical and thermal systems on the International Space Station. Prior to that, she was an engineer with Lockheed Martin Space Mission Systems, where her background included work in Computational Fluid Dynamics, aerothermal analysis, hypervelocity impact studies, and orbital debris analysis. She is the recipient of the AIAA Lawrence Sperry Medal, sits on the Executive Board of the Hard-Hatted Women, is a member of the Mechanical Engineering Advisory Council at Miami University, and is an Ohio Space Grant Consortium Fellow. In her free time she loves to travel, hike, and ride her bike. Saturday – 11-12pm Duke Room 2
STEAM the New STEM STEAM is the New STEM – or – the increasing role of design in building tech products. Justin will talk about the role of product designers in a variety of technical environments, the importance of a balanced team and his experience designing apps that have touched hundreds of millions of users. Justin Couchot Vora Ventures Justin drives Innovation Design at Sourcebits Digital, a multinational app design firm in the Vora Group. He imagines, designs and builds everything from virtual reality first person shooters to classic RTS games to social and video apps. He graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Interactive Design and Game Development. Saturday – 11-12pm Duke Room
Programming Alexa Back by popular demand, join us on an adventure into programming on an Amazon Alexa. In this session, we’ll develop some real software, build a cool voice application, and have some fun!! Ryan Echternacht Cincy Tech USA Ryan Echternacht is a software developer at heart who is currently working in Venture Capital. A graduate of Lakota East High School and Duke University, he has worked for 2 start-ups and consulted with many big companies in Cincinnati. Sunday – 11-12 am Duke Room 2
Chatbots We are being trained on a new interface. Gone are the days of instruction manuals, FAQ’s to sort through and calls into call centers. Chat bots are allowing businesses to connect with users and employees through conversational interfaces. Conversational bots require natural language processing and artificial intelligence working together for a smooth experience for a user. I want to show how Chatbots make sense in your existing IT playing field and why companies are scrambling to create them. Mickey Mentzer Vora Ventures Mickey leads technical innovation at Ascendum (Vora Group), both imagining and creating new business models for Fortune 50 companies and startups alike. Mickey has been involved in cutting edge technologies his entire 18 year career. He currently is exploring enterprise solutions in artificial intelligence, bot automation and distributed ledger (blockchain). Saturday – 2-3pm Duke Room
Securing the Cloud with Cloud Services In this session, we will discuss key principles and how to bring them to cloud services. I will go over integrating 2 Factor Authentication for protection, enabling a virtual firewall appliance for cloud services, and 2 key authorization for major changes to production. I will also present the basics of Azure Security Center and data collection. We will cover using cloud scalable services to protect the scalability and security of the cloud service that you are using. Chris Huntington Nexigen “Chris Huntington is the Chief Information Security Officer for Nexigen in Newport, KY. With over a decade of experience in a broad range of IT and business roles, Chris has worked on security and compliance initiatives In the SMB, Mid-Market, Enterprise, and Public Sectors. He has managed successful compliance projects for PCI and HIPAA as well as building ground up security programs. Chris has also been a speaker at many security and non-security conferences on several aspects of cyber security. Chris holds certifications from (ISC)2, Microsoft, and CompTIA. He is a 2015 graduate of Northern Kentucky University’s Organizational Leadership program and is currently pursuing a Master of Science in the Executive Leadership and Organizational Change program also at NKU. He serves on the Boards of Directors for Techdefenders and the Cincinnati Tri-State (ISC)2 Chapter.” Sunday – 9-10am Duke Room 2
Behind the Scenes: Lighting & Sound/Video Students with an interest in video production, audio enhancement and lighting design used in a variety of industries will find this seminar a valuable experience. Go behind the scenes and meet the creative and technical teams that make it all possible, and network with industry professionals. Participants will be given a guided tour of all the technology utilized to produce TechOlympics 2018: Imagine. From the computerized lighting console to the audio system and video set up, students will be shown how the various components create the lighting, imagery and audio effects used during the conference. An open discussion format will follow at the conclusion of the session. Attendees will also have the opportunity to spend one-on-one time with any of the professionals for additional questions or personal demonstrations. Glen Goodwin & Ken Bowers Goodwin Lighting & ITA “Glen Goodwin studied scenography and lighting design at Purdue University where he served as a graduate assistant to the renowned Professor Lee Watson. Since 1988, Glen has been producing innovative and effective lighting designs for a variety of professional and social events. He formed Goodwin Lighting Services with his partner, Vicki Lipstreuer, in 1995. Many of the area’s most prestigious galas and fundraising events featured lighting created by Glen. His clients included the Cincinnati Opera, Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati Museum Center, Taft Museum of Art, Contemporary Arts Center, Aronoff Center for the Arts and the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center to name a few. Glen also crafted specialty lighting designs for weddings, mitzvahs, fashion shows, multimedia presentations, and amusement park shows. His work in the corporate sector included productions for product launches, awards shows and business meetings featuring performances by entertainers such as the Radio City Rockettes, Anti Gravity and >Cirque du Soleil troops. His local theatre experience included work in the Aronoff Center, the Clifton Cultural Arts Center and numerous unconventional spaces with the New Edgecliff Theatre. Glen is trained in CAD which he uses to develop highly realistic 3-D renderings of his lighting, helping clients visualize how an event will actually appear. He is also skilled in using Virtual Reality Off-line Editors which allow him to pre-program automated fixtures and lighting cues in real time prior to an event. After 21 years in the special events industry, Glen and Vicki retired to Outing, Minnesota in 2016.” Sunday – 9-10am Colonnade A
Designing Medical Devices that Save Lives Join engineers and marketers from Ethicon’s Research and Development team as they show you how they turn ideas into real surgical devices. They’ll describe how a team works together to create procedure enabling medical devices to change the face of medical engineering and how surgeries are done in the modern world. Christopher Hess Ethicon Endosurgery Christopher Hess, Marketing Manager, Global Strategic Marketing, Ethicon. Chris is responsible for the strategy and execution of the Echelon One platform launch. A proven team leader who values collaboration, Chris brings diverse experience of both marketing and industrial design spanning more than twenty years. Chris most recently led the global strategic marketing efforts to identify multiple new pipeline opportunities for Endo-Mech Core Platforms which would deliver over 75MM in incremental revenue. Chris has a track record of delivering excellence in innovation. He is the 4th most prolific inventors in Ethicon and Chris holds 89 U.S. patents, 189 active U.S. patent applications, 242 international patents and 441 active international applications. Chris holds both a Bachelor Degree of Science from the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning along with a Masters of Business Administration degree from Xavier University. Saturday – 10-11 am Duke Room 2
Programming is Funny: A Standup Comic’s Love of Programming “A programmer/comedian’s journey to making a dumb game about bird poop and the wonders of code.” Butch Wesley None Butch Wesley is a standup comedian and full stack developer at GE Digital. He has 2 loves: programming and comedy. His jobs and his passions merge into his side projects as a game developer. His most recent project is a mobile game that allows you to “play” one of his jokes. He has has performed at comedy clubs around the country, and is a regular at Go Bananas Comedy Club in Cincinnati. Saturday – 3-4pm Duke Room 1
Students Today, IT Professionals Tomorrow. During this breakout, we will discuss how to put your best foot forward in the IT Industry; starting with identifying who you are. You will learn how to create your brand, market your brand, write a resume, interview, and how to build a lasting network. Selling yourself can be difficult. Let us share some tricks on how you can differentiate yourself from your peers to make sure you stand out. Nick Goliath Technical Youth My name is Nick Goliath. I am originally from West Virginia, but decided to move to Cincinnati to attend Xavier University. My older brother also attended Xavier as a Computer Science Major and I followed in his footsteps after hearing all of the great things that he had to say about his experience. I graduated in June with a Degree in Marketing with a Minor in Finance and Psychology and I have been working at Brooksource ever since. In my role with Brooksource, the majority of my time is spent helping recent graduates identify their career interests and making sure they are putting their best foot forward in their job search. I love when I am able to connect students to their dream job with some of Cincinnati’s top companies. Saturday – 4-6pm Duke Room 1
AI, Wearables & Virtual Reality: Changing the Way the World Does Business This interactive session will show some of the changes that have happened in the technology field in the recent past and how they have transformed the world in which we live. We will demonstrate some of the coolest technological advancements about to hit the market. We will also discuss and answer students’ questions about where and what they should look at for their next steps of education and innovation. David Rapien University of Cincinnati David Rapien is a system architect and information flow analyst. As a founder of D&P Software, Schedule DR LLC, and Panther Productions, David has created Sports Scheduling software that provides the scheduling engine for organizations world-wide since 1991. David has also developed large scale bank forecasting systems, Legal Systems, Insurance Reporting Systems, and Student Information Systems, as well as systematic stock trading software. He has extensive teaching experience at the secondary and collegiate level. Friday – 8:00pm Duke Room 1
The Code to Successful Software Projects “Join us for a fun, informational, and candid discussion about software delivery in the corporate world. We’ll share insight into the toughness it takes to get it done. You’ll learn what to expect, pitfalls to avoid, and how to have a rewarding and successful career in technology.” Alana Streit Bottomline Technologies Alana Streit is the Vice President of Customer Success and Delivery for PMX Business Solutions at Bottomline Technologies. Bottomline is a software digital business payment automation technology, making complex business payments simple, secure, and streamlined. Alana’s customers include corporations, banks, payments businesses, insurances companies, and healthcare facilities worldwide. Alana has held various roles across the software development lifecycle including developer, project manager, and business systems analyst. Alana has 20 years of experience in information technology leading all aspects of large scale technology delivery with a strong focus on technical expertise, people leadership, business strategies, and service management. Alana holds a degree in Management Information Systems from Miami University and resides on their College of Engineering and Computing Women’s Advisory Board. This is an achievement she is most proud of as she is able to share her knowledge and love for technology and Miami University with young females interested in STEM. Alana also enjoys horseback riding, kick boxing, yoga, cooking and entertaining for family and friends. Alana lives in Louisville, KY with her husband, Matt, her step children, Sidney and Nathan, and dogs Harley and Lucy. Saturday – 10-11 am Colonnade A
Inner Workings of the Great American Software Lab Come and learn about the the Great American Software Lab startup! Bringing rapid innovation into a well-established and old insurance company can be difficult, but we’re expanding in a successful and exciting direction. Can high quality software really be built without lots of meetings and huge teams? This breakout will cover some of the why’s and how’s supporting the continuous delivery of great software. Jon Osborn Great American Jon is an Enterprise Architect and change agent leading a software development startup within Great American Insurance Group, a large, successful Insurance company headquarter in Cincinnati, Ohio. He hired on to GAIG in 2016 with a diverse background of architecture, project management, mechanical, and software engineering. Saturday – 4-5 pm Duke Room 2
Contributing to An Open Source GitHub Project Have you ever wondered about hows and whys of open source? Or why a digital portfolio is so important? Join us as we dive into the philosophy of the open source community, create a GitHub account, and develop a digital portfolio. Chris Rose Abre Chris is currently the VP of Product and lead developer at an open-source platform that helps schools manage and distribute web-based software to staff, students, and parents. Chris is also the Co-Founder of, a gamification platform that focuses on the use of experience points, badges, avatars, and leaderboards to provide learners with an engaging learning experience. A former high school math teacher, Chris taught Algebra and Pre-Calculus. Saturday – 2-3pm Colonnade A
Agile 101 This course provides a foundational level understanding of Agile processes. In this session, attendees learn about the benefits of Agile compared to other traditional methods, Agile methodologies (Scrum, Kanban), roles, artifacts, ceremonies, Lean principles, and Agile values. This session includes a hands-on exercise to reinforce the material. Jeff Terlinden and Taylor Benassi Vantiv Jeff Terlinden, Sr Leader Process and Planning – Jeff has been in financial services for over 20 years serving in many different roles at companies such as Fidelity Investments, Citi Bank and currently at Vantiv. During his program and project manager roles over the last 10 years, Jeff had the opportunity to implement agile methodologies and traditional waterfall environments. Today, Jeff is a Senior Leader in the Technology Engineering organization and leads the Process and Planning team. He has an MBA from Xavier University and double major from Thomas More College in Economics and Business Administration. In addition, his current certifications include Project Management Professional (PMP) and Scaled Agile Framework Program Consultant (SPC). Taylor Benassi, Sr Technology Project Manager/Scrum Master -Taylor graduated college in 2014, and has been in the Technology Engineering Department at Vantiv, now Worldpay, ever since. She transitioned into the role of Sr. Technology Project Manager after beginning her professional career as a Business Analyst. Today, she enjoys embodying agile values and principles as the Scrum Master of two shared-service teams, and looks forward to where her career will take her. She has her Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) with a double major in Marketing & Management Information Systems (MIS) from Ohio University. In addition, her current certifications include Scaled Agile Framework Program Consultant (SPC4). “ Saturday – 3-4 pm Duke Room 2
Algorithms: Making Waves in Computing Ever wondered how Kroger shortened checkout lines so much or how Google can predict what you will search? The simple answer: algorithms. What is an algorithm and why is it important? An algorithm is simply a recipe for a computer, but this talk will highlight why it is important and examples of successful (and unsuccessful) algorithms. We will discuss what a successful algorithm is and see examples from elections, NASA, and film. Maureen Doyle Northern Kentucky University Maureen Doyle was raised in Tewksbury, a town about 20 miles from Boston, MA. She lives in Kentucky and enjoy the beauty of the arts and parks of greater Cincinnati. She earned her PhD in Scientific Computing and Computational Mathematics from Stanford University in 2004. Her research interests include recruitment and retention of STEM majors as well as empirical software engineering. He enjoys teaching programming classes and meeting students when they are first starting their studies at NKU, and also enjoy teaching graduate classes that critically examine evidence-based practices in software engineering. She has worked in industry for almost 20 years and enjoys sharing her successes, and failures, with students as a motivation for learning and thinking critically. She is the faculty advisor for the Women In Informatics group and currently serves as co-chair for National Council for Women In Technology’s Academic Alliance. She is also co-editor of ACM’s SIGCSE Bulletin. Sunday – 10-11 am Duke Room 2
Steganography: What Your Eyes Don’t Tell You We will be examining the art of hiding data in an image. It could be a secret message, another photo, a document, or a program behind an image. Can you find it? Yi Hu Northern Kentucky University Dr. Yi Hu is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Northern Kentucky University. He is also a highly motivated information security professional experienced with performing vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, network and application security analysis, and incident response. In addition, he is a Certified Ethical Hacker by EC-Council and a CISSP by (ISC)2. He taught information security related courses in different areas such as: Web Security, Computer Forensics, Advanced Computer Forensics, Computer Security, and Securing Computer Systems. He also taught a variety of application development and system administration courses such as Windows Server and Linux administrations. He has published more than 30 papers on security, privacy, and trust management. In addition, he is the Director of Kentucky Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition who has extensive experience on promoting security education and awareness. Saturday – 2-3 pm Duke Room 2
Using a voice user interface to make friends in Stardew Valley Computer interfaces have been evolving ever since the first computer was developed. In the last few years, powerful speech platforms like Alexa, Cortana, Siri, and Google Now have emerged, allowing a new way for humans to interact with computers using speech. Stardew Valley is an indie video game that is very popular on Steam, PS4 and other supported platforms. The game has over 30 characters to interact with, and it is in a player’s best interest to make friends with all of them. However, keeping track of all the details is very complicated. Join us to discuss the evolution of computer interfaces and explore creating an introductory skill for the Alexa platform that will allow a gamer to ask a question such as “Alexa, ask Stardew Friends when Pam’s birthday is” or “Alexa, ask Stardew Friends which character has a birthday on Summer 12”. Chris Rider Northern Kentucky University Chris Rider lives in Alexandria, Kentucky with his wife Megan and two daughters. He joined NKU in 2008. Prior to joining NKU, he was a Principal Software Engineer at Computer Associates International where he developed software for UNIX and Windows platforms. Chris graduated from Cincinnati State with an Associate of Applied Science in Computer Engineering in 1991. He graduated from NKU with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a minor in Mathematics in 1997. He has had a lifelong passion working with computers. Chris am now a director in the Center for Applied Informatics. In this role, he focuses on mobile technology and emerging technologies. He enjoys working with students watching them increase their professional and technical skills. Saturday – 11-12 am Colonnade A
Career Path BINGO A game to explore tech career path options while competing with your fellow students. If you cover your BINGO card, you will be eligible to win Kroger and Northern Kentucky University SWAG! Jill Henry and Heather Ackels Northern Kentucky University and Kroger IT “Heather Ackels – Senior Manager, Research Enterprise Enablement, Kroger R&D. Heather joined Kroger as a Technology intern in 2005 and spent 6 years performing a variety of duties until she became the Manager of Transportation Systems. In 2014, Heather transitioned to Store Systems supporting In-Store Systems and The Little Clinic. Heather created the Research Enterprise Enablement organization in 2016 to support the roll-out and productionalization of R&D applications. Heather received the Progressive Grocer Top Women in Grocery Rising Star award in 2015, was recognized by the Business Courier as a 40 under 40 nominee in 2016, and completed Singularity University in 2017. She has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems from Thomas More College. Heather and her husband and son and live in Amelia. She is very passionate about growing and retaining local talent and feeds this passion through her involvement with Kroger Technology Intern Program, INTERAlliance, the Northern Kentucky University IT Leadership Forum, the Network of Executive Women, the INTERAlliance of Greater Cincinnati, and as an Advisory Board Member for the UC School of IT. Jill Henry – I am currently responsible to lead the outreach arm of NKU’s College of Informatics with a focus on providing experiential learning for students via our virtual co-op program. I believe it is essential to create authentic learning opportunities to generate excitement around STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) career paths while simultaneously preparing students for the tech-savvy roles that exist in the marketplace today. I reside in Cincinnati with my husband, Bruce, and I’m the proud mom of two daughters, Paige and Claire. I serve as a board member for the INTERalliance of Greater Cincinnati and Girls on the Run (GOTR) of Greater Cincinnati.
Lauren McClain – Lauren is a scrum master for Kroger Technology working for the store locator team in the Digital department. She is a proud participant of the Ignite team and serves on the Community Interaction Committee that concentrates on intern recruitment. She is also a member of the Cincinnati Chapter of Ladies that UX. She started as an intern with Kroger in 2014 and has had past experiences of release management during that time. In addition, she served as a team lead on Digital projects such as homepage redesign, devops, and internal monitoring applications. Before Kroger, she served as a French interpreter for Conversa , practiced as a ESL and French instructor for Bertliz, and worked for NKU Honors Program. Lauren’s education background includes obtaining her bachelors degree in French and International studies as an Honors Program graduate from Northern Kentucky University in 2010. She graduated with her Masters in Business Informatics in 2015. In her spare time, Lauren enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter and traveling with them. She also enjoys photography, reading, creating, and playing around with designs with design editing software.
Ashley McKenzie – is a Senior Account Executive at Adobe Systems, Inc., and a strong supporter of women & diversity in technology. She previously spent six and a half years working as a Client Representative at IBM. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Integrated Strategic Communications from the University of Kentucky, and her Master’s degree in Business Informatics from Northern Kentucky University. Ashley has also been a “Big Sister” in Big Brother/Big Sisters of the Bluegrass for over 11 years, and advocates for more “Big Sisters” to become part of the program. She lives in Walton, Kentucky with her husband Sheldon, and her three daughters, Izzy, Mia, and Laila.
Katie Dwyer – I have over 15 years experience in IT working as a software support engineer, software engineer, solutions consultant, Agile consultant, teacher and manager. I am a Certified Scrum Master and Certified Scrum Developer, and have a M.Sc. in Computer Science from Northern Kentucky University.
Erin Bunner – I am a Business Analyst with more than fifteen years of career experience, largely centered in the software delivery space, focused on analyzing and supporting the implementation of online and mobile application solutions for customers. I graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 2007, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership. I was proud to be named Thomas More College’s 2017 Outstanding Graduate Student after earning my MBA last year.”
Saturday – 4-5 pm
Blockchain and Crypto Currency The Blockchain and Crypto Currency breakout session is meant to be informative and interactive. Participants will be introduced to the core concepts of Blockchain and Crypto currencies and gain an understanding of how they are re-shaping the way we do business. Participants should leave with an understanding of what these technologies are, how they are being leveraged, and the potential impact of such disruptive technologies. George Hoersting, Cody Fifth Third Cody is a graduate of Campbellsville University, with a bachelor’s of science in Business Administration, emphasis in information technology. He is a current employee of Fifth Third Bank working for the One67 Innovation team leading the Blockchain exploration and integration efforts. Prior to his current role, Cody participated in Fifth Third’s Information Technology Leadership Program where he took on a variety of roles ranging from a data architect and analyst to financial analyst and project manager. In his free time, Cody enjoys outdoor activities including boating and snow skiing, as well as spending time with family and friends. George Hoersting spent 4 years as an Aviation Electrician in the US Navy. After the Military he received his B.S. in Mathematics and M.S. in Quantitative Analysis from the University of Cincinnati. George has a background in Data Science and has implemented and maintained production models in SAS and R, and is currently using Python to develop an enterprise wide data quality monitoring solution. George has been involved with cryptocurrencies since 2013 when he set up his first few mining rigs to mine altcoins. His interests include Python, distributed storage, Decentralized Applications , Data, chat bots, Cryptocurrencies, weightlifting , and beatboxing. See schedule
Building Skynet One Small Innocent-Looking Device at a Time Come learn about the world of small, low-cost embedded hardware and services that power intelligent devices all around us. The Internet of Things is billions of devices connected to an intelligent cloud, constantly collecting data, learning from that data, and taking action based on this learning. In this session we’ll show you how we built the CloudMaze devices–custom built smart controllers that we’ll program in the workshop session. We’ll take you through the process of designing circuits, laying out boards, manufacturing, assembling, testing and programming. The tools to do all of this were once expensive and specialized but are now available to everybody. But a connected device doesn’t do much good without somewhere to connect, so we’ll talk about the various methods of linking dozens to billions of devices to the cloud to centrally collect data, manage, and control these devices. Pete Roden and Andrej Kyselica Microsoft Pete Roden is an Architect for Microsoft working side-by-side with customers to help them leverage Azure to design and implement cloud-scale solution. His focus areas include application development, bot and machine learning, as well as IoT. Always building something in software, 3d printed plastic or electronics, Andrej is a Cloud Architect in Microsoft’s Customer Success organization, focused on application development and infrastructure. In that role he helps Microsoft’s leading Azure customers accelerate their journey to the cloud. Prior to this role Andrej was a technology specialist on the Microsoft healthcare team and a practice director in a consulting organization. He lives works from Mason, Ohio with his wife, five teen/almost-teen kids and a very good noise-cancelling headset. Saturday – 10-11am Pavilion B
Don’t Spit Into the Wind: An Intern Survival Guide Interested in trying out this intern thing with one of the many awesome companies this year at TechOlympics? Don’t know where to start? Have a tad bit of anxiety about your first time working in a corporate environment? Wonder how to blend in to the company as an intern? Did you know not all company cultures are the same? Attend this breakout to get tips and tricks to make your first intern experience an unbelievably successful one! Matt Godsted & Julie Stockman Western & Southern “Julie Stockman started her career in Human Resources in technical recruiting, hiring and onboarding. She created and managed a co-op/internship program and a referral program. She then moved into Higher Education as a Director of Career Services assisting students/graduates and employers finding each other. Her previous team at NKU hosted, created, and managed large career fairs of up to 140 employers and 1000 students and she created and managed a robust on-campus interview program. This meant companies would come to campus and interview students for open positions. Julie has a Bachelor of Science in English Education and a Master of Science in Executive Leadership and Organizational Change. Her super-hero abilities include resume optimization, LinkedIn, job search strategies and long-term career planning. She is also pretty good at figuring stuff out. Her hobbies include reading, playing viola, and serving her two cats (dogs have owners, cats have staff). Matt Godsted is an Assistant Vice President at Western & Southern Financial Group where he oversees the IT Business Operations organization. At Western & Southern, Matt has responsibility for the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery strategy for the company, along with responsibility for Identity & Access Management, Computer Center Operations and IT Vendor Management. Matt graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (a far stretch from Information Technology) from Western Kentucky University. He is a member of the INTERalliance Board of Directors, the Care Net of Northern Kentucky Board of Directors, the NKU College of Applied Informatics Advisory Board, and the UC School of IT Advisory Board. Matt actively plays guitar with the Suits that Rock and the Vineyard Christian Church and is married with two Technology-loving teenagers.” Sunday – 9-10am Pavilion B
GE Aviation IT Security Operations Overview This presentation is an overview of GE Aviation’s security operations program including detailed discussions on their overall threat management, cyber intelligence, detect, incident response, data loss prevention, and insider threat programs. Eric Ridder, Coleman Kane GE Aviation “Eric Ridder has been with GE Aviation for over 12 years in roles of increasing responsibility in Data Security and Security Operations. He is the leader of the Aviation Insider Threat and Data Loss Prevention Programs as well as Cyber Intelligence, Detect, and Incident Response. Eric earned his Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from the University of Cincinnati and his Masters in Business Administration from Xavier University. Eric is a graduate of GE’s Digital Technology Leadership Program (DTLP). Coleman Kane has been with GE for 8 years, starting as a contractor developing network sensor platforms, and then moving into malware reverse engineering and cyber intelligence. Today he is the Principal Cyber Intelligence Analyst for the GE Aviation Security Operations team, and provides his deep technical expertise to guide the program. Prior to GE, Coleman worked as the technical lead consultant for a software development and IT start-up in Cincinnati, and prior to that worked at Apple, Inc. on their software performance engineering team. Coleman has a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science from the University of Cincinnati, and is a Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science Engineering focusing on Cyber Security in the University of Cincinnati’s NSA-certified Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Operations. Saturday – 4-5pm Duke Room 1
Chief Data Office Organization Learn how to predict whether we will meet our customer demand for engine delivery through analytics. This session will provide an overview of an analytics product at GE starting from the data need, through data acquisition, data enrichment, analytics development, and visualization to end users. Ross Shalmo, Mike Eckstein, Doug McKinley, Tyler Small GE Aviation “Ross Schalmo leads the Data Engineering & Analytics team within GE Aviation Digital Technology. His teams deliver data engineering, science, and visualization execution for data products in an Agile framework, as well as platform ownership for visualization, self-service, and analytics technologies. Prior to his current role, Ross led the Internal Private Cloud for all of GE. In that role, Ross was responsible for IaaS and PaaS product offerings, service delivery, and technical architecture of multiple internal cloud solutions. Ross also spent three years prior with GE Aviation in Security, focused on Data Loss Prevention and Network Security disciplines. He is also a Certified Product Owner and a graduate of the GE Information Management Leadership Program. Mike Eckstein is a Sr. Manager – Architecture at GE Digital. In this role, Mike is the team leader responsible for ingesting enterprise data into the data lake that will be used for analytics and visualizations. Mike graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a degree in Electrical Engineering and started working at GE as a co-op. After graduation, Mike joined GE full-time as part of the Digital Technology Leadership Program (DTLP) and then has held various positions throughout the Digital Technology organization working on data and analytics products. Doug McKinley is a Data Scientist at GE Aviation. He has an undergraduate Business degree from Indiana University, with a concentration in Quantitative Business Analysis, which included coursework in computer science and operations research. He recently completed a Master’s Degree in Applied Statistics at Wright State University. In his current role, Doug develops statistical algorithms to solve business problems and then partners with data engineering and application development teams to present the findings as actionable insights to end users. Prior to GE, Doug worked in a variety of information technology roles at Procter & Gamble, such as computer security, marketing analysis, manufacturing, database and server administration, capacity and performance management, and Enterprise Software (SAP) operations management. Tyler Small is a Senior Data Engineer at GE Aviation. He graduated from NKU in the Computer Information Technology program with a focus on networking and security. While at NKU he began working at GE as a Digital Technology Intern. From there he moved full time in GE and has been there for 5 years. At work Tyler focuses on leading the architecture of the Data Ingestion team. He works to optimize the ETL flow of data from over 150 sources into a single target. Once in the target he supports the customer by ensuring data quality and helping to create the queries to transform the raw data into business outcomes. Sunday – 10-11 am Duke Room 1
Running a Start Up within a Fortune 15 Company The trials of building an agile development practice inside a historic company known for its management practices. How to build a fun and challenging working environment and drive change while still meeting the requirements of a high tech manufacturing company delivering technology to the Aviation industry. Corey Green, David Imhoff GE Aviation Corey Green is a Director of Software Engineering who works with GE Aviation to manage teams of developers building software and tools to allow customers to perform tasks critical to the daily operations of air travel. With over 25 years of experience in software development, solutions and engineering a broad range of experience including 12 years as a consultant has become the base of knowledge to ensure GE Aviation software is efficient, effective, and meets our customer’s needs. Corey has experience working in and managing all aspects in software, including operations, infrastructure, all levels of support and new application development. Corey holds a BS in Management from Purdue University. David Imhoff is a Director of Software Engineering who works with GE Aviation to manage several software products used by both internal GE customers, as well as external customers like Boeing and Air France. Dave has over 12 years of experience spanning software development, cyber security, and organizational transformation. Dave holds a BS in Information Technology, as well as an MBA from Xavier University. Saturday – 3-4pm Colonnade A
How Kroger Digitizes the Shopping Experience We invite you to join us and see how Kroger plans to digitize the shopping experience one innovation at a time. Chris Norris and Alex Matsukevich Kroger “Alex Matsukevich is a mobile app developer with 12 years of experience from Moscow, Russia. Professionally he works on developing mobile applications for Android and iOS. Throughout his career he has developed applications for a wide range of Industries ranging from Military to Retail. For fun he loves dabbling in hardware electronics and building IoT devices. Chris Norris is a Technologist and Product Manager for the Research and Development / Operations Research Team and has been instrumental in the delivery of such programs as: QueVision, Advantage Checkout, and EDGE to name a few. Moreover, he led an effort that rebranded the technology department at Kroger while making considerable improvements to the overall department culture which led to Kroger Technology being named one of the best places in IT to work in 2016. Chris’ current role as Product Manager has him leading the Enterprise deployment of the Scan, Bag, Go handheld / mobile shopping solution.” Saturday – 5-6pm Duke Room 2
The Good Use of Drones Join us as we discuss the growing interest and usage of drone’s in the world around us and how they may come to impact our lives. “Keysean “”KT”” Taylor, Eddie Julious, Emmuael Williams, Bennie Bartrell, Tae-zher Evans. Faculty: Matt Ernst Taft High School The Taft Drone club is weekly after school activity that occurs at Taft High School in Cincinnati, OH. The purpose of this activity is to teach students the technology of unmanned air vehicles (UAV). The good uses of such aircraft and preparation of students to pass the FAA part 107 exam to obtain a drone pilot license. Sunday – 9-10am Duke Room 2
An Introduction to Cloud Computing Cloud computing – What is cloud computing? What can I do with it and why is it important? This session is designed as a “Quick start” on cloud computing. Attendees will gain an understanding of key aspects involved with creating, securing, and running a server in Amazon’s Cloud. Amazon offers users the ability to run a server in their cloud for free, for one year. Attendees will leave with everything they need to get up and running in the cloud in 30 minutes. Paul Weingartner Cincinnati State “Paul Weingartner is the Program Chair of Computer Networking and Cyber Security at Cincinnati State. He teaches courses in cloud computing, networking, security and programming. Previously Paul was the Program Chair of the Electro-Mechanical program, where he taught robotics, control systems and electronics. As an electrical engineer by training, he has over 30 years of experience in the IT field. Paul also runs his own consulting business focused on technology integration, networking and cloud computing. Paul is a member of the FBI’s Infragard program. A lifetime Cincinnati native, he enjoys travel, biking and lives in Fairfield township with his wife Cindy.” Friday – 8-9pm Colonnade A
Making the Most out of College College is very exciting…but it can be a bit daunting. From figuring out the application process to determining what program is the best fit for you to taking the right classes to making the most opportunities at college, there are a lot of decisions to make along the way. Whether you are a senior who has committed to a school and wants to know what the next steps are or a freshman who has no idea where to start, this session is for you. You will have the chance to talk directly with INTERalliance alumni who are currently in college and will discuss their experiences to help you plan your journey. These alumni are only a few years older than you and certainly had their fair share of confusion as they made many of these decisions. Ask them about their successes, mistakes, and everything in between! This is your chance to have a meaningful conversation in an open, honest environment about something that matters to you! Vishnu Paranandi INTERalliance Alumni Vishnu Paranandi is a first-year undergraduate student at the University of Chicago majoring in Economics. While attending Wyoming High School, he was the INTERalliance Central Office Business Coordinator from 2016 to 2017 (interning at INTERalliance for two summers), served on the INTERalliance Leadership Council from 2015 to 2017, and attended the NKU IT Careers Camp in 2015. He is currently the Internal Communications manager on the INTERalliance Network Board. Lillian Chow is a first-year undergraduate student at the Ohio State University majoring in Computer & Information Science. While attending Summit Country Day School, she was the INTERalliance Chief Operating Officer from 2016 to 2017, served on the INTERalliance Leadership Council from 2014 to 2017, interned at P&G in 2017, and attended the Miami IT Careers Camp in 2015. She is currently the Internal Career Outreach manager on the INTERalliance Network Board. Devin Lally is a third-year undergraduate student in the University of Cincinnati’s Lindner Honors-PLUS program majoring in Information Systems. While attending Loveland High School, she was the INTERalliance Chief Operating Officer from 2014 to 2015, served on the INTERalliance Leadership Council from 2013 to 2015, interned at Kroger in 2014 and 2015, and attended the UC Lindner IT Careers Camp in 2013. At UC, she has interned at Great American Insurance Group, FC Cincinnati, Orchestrate Technologies, the Cincinnati CIO Roundtable, Flywheel Social Enterprise Hub, and dunnhumby. She is currently the Chair of the INTERalliance Network Board. Saturday – 5-6pm Colonnade A

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